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Wow, I’ve got a serious problem with my keyboard. My beloved, metal-backed 101-key keyboard at the shop. It’s a real classic, and it’s been working without problem some 5 years since I bought it used. You see, there’s no telling … Continue reading

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Just One of Those Days. . .

Ever had one of those days when you didn’t seem to get anything done? I had a whole list of things to do in my head this morning, and do you think I got even a quarter of them done? … Continue reading

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On Newfoundland Time

So I’m going to Newfoundland for my friends’ wedding on August 14, 2004. My itinerary seems simple enough: Go to Newfoundland on Thursday. Help my friends Carla and Scott get married on Saturday (I am the stand-in Best Man, as … Continue reading

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Getting to Know the Pirates

Microsoft has apparently worked up a program allowing visitors to their various update sites to check to see if their copy of Windows is a bootleg. This is brilliant because it allows the thousands, if not millions, of users of … Continue reading

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I Found Some Of Your Life

For those of you who don’t read Slashdot regularly — check out their story on “I Found Some Of Your Life”. I’m not sure if this is fscking brilliant or absolutely evil. But it sure is funny, particularly the fictional … Continue reading

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The Chainsaw Rule

I finally got around to playing Doom 3 the other day. Nice looking game, I must say. This reminds me of one of my many rules on life: If you work at a large research facility and you notice that … Continue reading

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RSS, The Next Step in Information Technology

RSS, or Really Simple Syndication, is the coolest thing if you are into news like I am. You see, I could go to Slashdot or The Register to read my daily computer guy news in the traditional webpage kind of … Continue reading

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