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Real Laser Mice

Logitech would now appear to be selling real laser mice. No mention of it on their website just yet, but I’m able to pre-order the MX1000 mice from distributors. They should retail for around $95. So why is this cool? … Continue reading

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Hardware Voodoo

Every computer person knows what an IRQ is. The dumb things are a legacy of the Intel Architecture, the underlying multitasking technology of all Intel-compatible personal computers. It has been a thorn in the side of computer techs for at … Continue reading

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Windows XP Service Pack 2 Is Unleashed

After long delays and whining Microsoft has released Service Pack 2 for Windows XP (at least to us OEMs, anyway). More than just a collection of updates, this service pack aims to fix some of the more serious security problems … Continue reading

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Fedora Core 2 Doesn't Like My Firewall

I install the thing (this takes like an hour cause the machine is a P200) and it locks on boot. Even before it unpacks the kernel. ARRRRRGHHH!!! Since FC2 likes all my other boxes I can only conclude that the … Continue reading

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Intel Sneaks in a New CPU

I just noticed that Intel is sneaking a hybrid 32/64 bit processor on to the market. The Nancona is a 64-bit capable Prescott-based CPU that will be instruction-set compatible with AMD’s much-celebrated Athlon 64. Not a word about it on … Continue reading

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Politicians and Lawyers, what fun!

I saw a snippet of this hilarious flash movie on the morning news of all places. As always with these tales of Americana, the creators over at Jib Jab are being sued over this, not because they are making fun … Continue reading

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Real minimum system requirements of Windows XP

Microsoft says that the minimum requirements for Windows XP are a 300Mhz processor and 128MB of RAM. Sounds a bit suspect to me. 128MB seems a somewhat low for a modern operating system. I’ve seen XP running on a machine … Continue reading

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